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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 26, 2016 2:02pm-4:03pm EDT

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[cheers and applause] >> our visa programs will be reformed to ensure that veterans are put in the front of the line for jobs in this country. [cheers and applause] >> they fought and they protect us, now we are going to fight them, they are going to be put right in the front of the line and these are our great people. and by the way, governor pence is right at the top of the nation in employment for vets, when he took over he was number 32 or 38, now he's right at the top. he has done an incredible job with respect to employment for vets. so mike, good going, keep it going. [applause] we are going to increase the number of mental healthcare professionals and increase mental health outreach to
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veterans outside of the system, so important. we are going to ensure every veteran in america gets timely access to top-quality care including the best care in the world for our female veterans. [cheers and applause] >> the veterans health system will remain a public system because it is a public trust but never again will we allow any veteran to suffer or die waiting for care. that means veterans will have the right to go to a va facility or the right to see a private doctor or clinic of their choice, whatever is fastest and best for the veteran. they'll be no more five-day waits in lines. if you're waiting in line, you're going to go a private doctor across the street,
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private hospital across the street nearby and be taken care of efficiently. people are waiting in line five days, six days and seven days and many dying for a simple procedure. we will pick up the bill. you have my word on that. [cheers and applause] >> come january 20th, if i'm elected president you are going to notice a change in the va and in the whole entire government system which is a mess. [cheers and applause] >> all you have to do is try to get on an airplane and you'll see what a mess it is. [laughter] >> a change in attitude and a change in results will
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absolutely take place so fast right at the beginning. government is going to start working for the people again. the special interest opposing our reform and they do oppose it for their own reason and reform for america, the same people who have led us to one economic foreign policy disaster after another. the global corporations and the media executives who oppose our plans and they are opposing them strongly, we need plans for change and we want to keep this system in place except for the section that's rigged and that's a lot of it. we are getting rid of our rigged system. i started using that term a year and a half ago and now everybody is using it. this morning i was watching one of the democrats who i've been talking about as a rig system,
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he used rig system. i'mi'm going to have to come up with another system, that's very sad. so badly rigged and rigged against the veterans. that's why their message is that things can't change, can't change. with these people, they can't change. these are the same special interest who have driven the economy into the ground and have created one after another overseas, horrible, horrible thought process. these washington interests are telling americans to stay the course, they are telling us they we can't fix our trade deals or we can't fix or va or we can't fix our broken tax system or we can't fix immigration because they're benefiting from the status quo. they benefit, they don't want to
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change. we need change, they don't want to change. my message is the opposite. things have to change and they have to change right now. [cheers and applause] >> here is just some of the change we need. we need to change our tax energy and regulatory policies to produce millions of new jobs and trillions in new wealth and invest in our country and in our infrastructure which is falling apart all over this country, our roads, our tunnels, our bridges, our airports, our infrastructure is that of a third-world country. not anymore. and i'm very good at building, remember that. and i build under time and under budget. very important.
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you don't hear that from government very often. those who seek to raise taxes and expand regulation will only weaken our country, hamstring our economy and as you know hillary clinton wants to institute a massive tax increase and we are already just about the highest tax nation in the world. our immigration system must also be fixed so it lifts people out of poverty instead of throwing them into poverty, which is what it is doing right now. our terrible trade deals must be renegotiated, nafta is a disaster to keep jobs and wealth in america, we are sending our jobs away, we are going to keep our jobs in america and we are going to bring new jobs back.
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[cheers and applause] >> we need to change our foreign policy to focus on defeating and destroying isis, a word you didn't hear last night at the democrat convention. you didn't hear it. they don't want to talk about it because in a very true way they really established isis because of weakness. the people in this room know better than anybody else or any other audience what i mean by weakness, but because of weakness, isis has been established. it's also essential that we suspend the refugee from syria and other dangerous countries so we don't bring into the united states the same terrorism that our american soldiers are fighting overseas. we have to be smart.
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you. hillary clinton wants to bring in, if you can believe this, 550% more than president obama. more. and tim kaine wrote a letter very recently asking for more than even hillary wants. what are we doing? what are we doing? we have to be the smart country again or we are in big, big trouble. our depleted military must be completely rebuilt, then from a position of strength and respect, america needs to extend
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our hand in friendship to foreign nations who want to be our friends and we can't be taken advantage of by these countries that we work so closely with. many of these countries are taking advantage of us, folks. [applause] >> they are taking advantage of us. we want to be friends but they also have to be friends with us, remember that. [cheers and applause] >> something you've never heard from a politician. we want a more peaceful future for our world, but peace will require new approaches, not relying on the same failed voices of the past. these are failed voices and now they want another four years. we need to fix the va so we never again break our sacred commitment to our veterans never ever again. [cheers and applause] >> we can do all of these
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things. we simply need to stop relying on the politicians who created these problems in the first place. they're not going to do anything. i call them all talk and no action. all talk and no action. we can't fix a rigged system by electing the people who rigged it in the first place. [cheers and applause] >> let's reject the doubters and choose instead to believe in ourselves and our country. it's time to follow the example of our amazing veterans who work together across racial lines, across income lines, across all lines in unity of mission and
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purpose, nobody does it better than our veterans. [cheers and applause] >> let them be our guide, it's time to believe in each other and it's time again to believe in america. [cheers and applause] >> if we do this, we will truly absolutely 100% make america great again, gater than ever, ever, ever before. thank you very much, god bless you. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, everybody.
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>> hillary clinton also spoke to the vfw convention, here are her remarks from yesterday. [music] >> please be seated. our next is the first lady ever elected to public and also first new york -- first new yorker to ever serve as the senate armed service forces committee, which she did for eight years in the united states senate from the empire state. he last appeared before us in 2008 as candidate for president of the united states and before moving onto serve our nation as secretary of state in the first
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obama administration, i would like to also point out that she's a former first lady, married to bill clinton, our president originally from chicago and graduated from yale law school and married to former -- as i said, bill clinton. enough times? i think so. [laughter] >> comrades and auxiliary members, may i present to you the presumptive nominee to become next president of the united states, former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. >> thank you so much commander. thank you so much. thank you, thank you so much. [applause] >> thank you very much, commander, for that very warm welcome. thanks to your executive director, bob wallace and all
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the men and women at the vfw, of the ausm auxiliary for your commitment, your service and your action. on behalf of america's veterans, this is the 117th national convention. that is quite a legacy. and in that time, the vfw has built a record to be proud of. you have been a moving force behind hallmark achievements, like the creation of the va, the passage of the gi bill, the establishment of national monuments dedicated to those who fought in world war ii, the korean war, the war in vietnam, women in military service and veterans disabled for life. these monuments are sacred
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places. i've been to many of them, also to our cemeteries around the world. people come to sit quietly, maybe lay a flower or a letter or other momento, to reflect on the courage and sacrifice of those who fought for our nation and our ideals. i don't think it is an overstatement for me to say those memorials might not exist if it weren't for you. so thank you and thank you for standing up today and every day for veterans health, for veterans education, for the ride of all veterans to dignity and
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security and thank you for continuing to push our nation to live up to our obligations to those who serve. i've been a direct beneficiary of your expertise and commitment, some of my top advisers are members of the vfw. i'm grateful to all of the veterans and retired military leaders who have shared their knowledge and counsel with me. i specially want to thank the vfw for the close consultation you provided as we worked to put forward a plan to reform the va. today i specially want to acknowledge and appreciate retired marines general john alan, former deputy commander and commander of the
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international security assistance force overseeing nato troops in afghanistan. i had the great privilege of working with general alan and therefore i am deeply honored that he endorsed me this morning. his confidence in me and that of the other esteemed military leaders means a great deal to me but imposes a high responsibility on me as well. so i thank you, i thank you for what you've done behind the scenes as well as in public to make sure that america keeps our promises, honors our history and gives our veterans the respect and the opportunities they've earned. a lot of the issues you have fought for are at stake in this election.
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america is grappling with big questions, how do we keep our country safe, how do we make the world safer, how do we make sure we give our troops what they need to see their missions through and when they come home, that they have the support and access to services they need to lead healthy productive successful lives. these challenges matter to me personally, not only as a proud daughter of a veteran, my father enlisted in the navy shortly after the japanese attacked pearl harbor. he became an officer responsible for training thousands of young sailers before they shipped out to sea, mostly to the pacific theater. after my father died in 1993, i
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received letters and old photos from men who had served under him, talking about what a difference my dad made in their lives. these are letters that i treasure. my dad once told me how sad he felt when he left great lakes naval base and accompanied his trainees to the west coast to join their ships. he knew some of the bright, energetic young man wouldn't survive. some of them probably thought it too but still they went to serve because they knew our country needed them. that's the kind of courage and honor our men and women in
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uniform demonstrate every single day. i thought a lot about my father's experiences later when i became a senator from new york serving on the senate armed services committee and then as secretary of state. i've worked hard over years on many of the issues you care about and work on every day. i am not a newcomer to the issues and today i want to tell you a few of my core beliefs which will guide me if i have the great honor to be elected this fall because americans aren't just choosing a president, we are also choosing a commander in chief, the person who decides questions of war and peace, life and death. there's no more serious
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responsibility than that. so you deserve to know what we candidates believe about national security and how we go about making life or death calls. because they will affect our men and women in uniform first and foremost and they will affect our veterans. let's start here. i believe the united states of america is an exceptional nation with capabilities that no other country comes close to matching. and we have -- [applause] >> we have the world's greatest military. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. [applause]
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>> we also have an economy that is larger and more durable and more entrepreneurial than any other on the planet and we are guided by values that have long inspired people across the world, a commitment to freedom and to quality, justice and diversity, that fundamental american idea that every single person deserves to be treated decently and with respect no matter who they are. [applause] >> i believe in standing with other allies because they are part of what makes us exceptional. no other country in the world has relationships like we do. generations of american troops fought and, yes, died to secure
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those bonds because they knew we were safer with more friends and partners and fewer adversaries and enemies. [applause] >> our men and women in uniform carry that work forward today. my running mate in this election is a wonderful man from virginia named tim kaine, he's a u.s. senator, mayor of richmond, virginia, if you're not familiar with him yet, i urge you to check him out. he's a great public servant and a terrific guy. his son is a marine, his son is actually deploying today to help defend our nato allies in europe. that's how committed he is and
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many others are to our alliances and we should be too. after all, america's word has to mean something. [applause] >> i believe in being firm but wise with our rivals. finding common ground where we can and standing our ground when we must. that's the balance that made it possible for me to work with all kinds of nations, to work to increase pressure on north korea, to work to stand up to the chinese and the south china sea, to work with russia to conclude the new start treaty that reduces nuclear stockpiles while standing up to them
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because of their threat to our friends in eastern europe. one thing for certain, you will not ever hear from me is praise for dictators and strong men who have no love for america. [cheers and applause] >> and, yes, i believe with all my heart in democracy and i believe in diplomacy, it's often the only way to avoid conflict that can avoid exhausting a much greater cost. i believe the most sacred responsibility of a commander in chief is deciding whether to send men and women into battle. i have visited our troops in
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theaters of war and tension. i know how serious this is. force must only be used as a last resort and only with a clear and well thought out strategy. i believe our troops strive to comport themselves with honor and they deserve a commander in chief who will never order them to commit war crime. i believe in listening to our generals and admirals because they have invaluable knowledgeable and experience and they're doing one of the most important jobs there is, commanding america's sons and daughters. as commander in chief, i will always show them respect and
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hear them out. you will never hear me say that i only listen to myself on national security. [cheers and applause] >> i believe in doing everything we can to meet threats at home and abroad. i know we live in a dangerous world. that's why we need real plans, real strategies to deal with terrorism including home-grown terrorism. i've worked with experienced people from across different fields and, indeed, across the political spectrum to come up with comprehensive strategies for these and other threats. i will be ready to get to work on day one. i take nothing more seriously than our security. most of all, i believe in
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american leadership. i believe that who we are as the people, the values that we hold dear, the history that we care about matters a great deal. i'm not interested in talking provocatively, i'm not interested in insulting people including our military, i'm interested in bringing our country together, i'm interested in healing the division. we have to protect ourselves against terrorist. to do that, we need to lead other countries in stopping isis, al-qaeda and other radical jihadist groups. we shouldn't leave that to the rest of the world to figure out on their own, that won't keep us safe. we need a strong global economy because it's good for american
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jobs and export, that means we should lead in studying and enforcing the rules. if we retreat on other security or the economy behind some kind of imaginary wall, we will have lost our leadership, our purpose, our chance to prevail in the 21st century. and if america doesn't lead, we leave behind a vacuum, and that will either cause chaos or enable other countries to rush in to fill that void. then they will be the ones making decisions about american lives, jobs and safety. and the choices make no mistake about it, might well not be to our benefit. that's not an outcome we can live with. i have set forth plans and
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strategies for dealing with these threats. i know how challenging it will be to meet the difficulties that we face in the world today but you see, i have confidence, i have optimm, i don't understand people who trash-talk about america, who talk about us as being in decline, who act as though we are not yet the greatest country that has ever been created on the face of the earth for all of history. [applause] >> if you want somebody who will scapegoat other people, peddle fear and smear, i'm not your candidate, i'm interested in bringing everybody together, rolling up my sleeves to solve problems. that's why in the senate i work closely with republicans.
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now, some of you might know i have been the reciprecipient of numerous political attacks. i have add eleanor roosevelt advised, if a woman wants to be in the public arena you better build skin as thick as a rhinosorous. when i got into the senate i didn't say i'm only going to talk to democrats and not work with republicans. how silly would that be. i was representing the empire state and i wanted to produce results for the people who honored me by electing me to be their senator, so i worked with republicans to increase the benefit paid to family members of the fallen.
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to expand veterans access, to military health insurance, to make sure that all members of the reserves and national guard and their families had access to tricare, military benefits even when they were not deployed. i introduced the heros at home act to establish military services for veterans suffering from post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries. i fought successfully in 2007 to amend the 2007 defense appropriation act to establish a training program for family, caregivers helping their loved once with tbi. i did all of this because i had met so many wonderful people who
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were struggling, struggling because they lost a son or a daughter, a mother, a father, a wife or a husband, struggling because their loved one came home and didn't have the care that he or she needed. they deserved more support from all of us than i fortunately wasn't in a position to advocate for them. i joined forces with senator john mccain to personally raise money for the fallen heros fund which helped build a state of the art rehab facility in san antonio to help our seriously wounded service members coming home from iraq and afghanistan. [applause] >> and let me just say, it was a pleasure to work with senator mccain on that project and many others.
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i believe that he and all american prisoners of war are heros and deserve the respect that that entails. [cheers and applause] >> as president, i will build on the work i've done. we are going to have a 21st century department of veteran affairs that delivers world-class care. like you, i was outraged by the va scandals, people waiting months, even years for things like wheelchairs and basic medication, some even dying while languishing on a wait list for an appointment. heartbreaking and absolutely unacceptable. that's why i have put forth a detailed plan about what i would do as president to revamp the
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va. it would be one of my highest priorities, but i will tell you this, we are not going to privatize the va, we are going to reform it and make it work for every single veteran in america. [cheers and applause] >> we will ensure access to timely-quality care and improve coordination of care which is as you know a huge problem still, improve care for women veterans who are often underserved, tackle and at long last end the epidemic of veteran suicide by expanding access to mental health care and erasing the stigma that still prevents too many from getting the help they need. i know this is a high priority
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for the vfw and other veteran service organizations. and i will do everything in my power to support you in this critical work. and we are going to help more veterans looking for jobs with expanded tax credits for businesses that hire veterans, more support to veterans who want to start their own businesses, better certifications and credentialing programs so the work that veterans did on active duty will be understood and respected as they compete for the jobs in the civilian sector that they deserve to be considered for and hired to perform. [applause] >> and i'm going crack down on companies that prey on or discriminate against veterans. they should be ashamed of themselves and we are going to
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hold them accountable. we will also follow the lead of cities like new orleans, houston, philadelphia and las vegas which have worked to end veteran homelessness. [applause] >> we have lessons to learn from them, many more cities are making progress toward that same goal. we should support them and end the tragedy of veteran homelessness once and for all. and i will protect, preserve and defend the post 9/11gi bill. it has opened doors of opportunity to more than one million veterans and family members, unfortunately there are some republicans in congress chipping away at it. that's not just wrong, it is short sided.
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this program helps us recruit and retain the all-volunteer force we need to protect our country. and it's a way to invest in families and our shared future. we should protect and strengthen it, not let anyone erode it. so, yes, i have plans to do all of this and more including supporting military spouses as they seek to build careers including standing with women, standing with lgbt veterans to make sure they get the support they've earned. you can go to my website and i hope you will and read all the details. i hope you will not only because i want you to know but there's a lot of expertise in this room and i want your ideas too.
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i have this old fashion notion, if you run for president, you should tell people what you want to do as specifically as possible so they can actually make up their minds and then you should be held accountable as to whether or not you deliver results. so here is my bottom line, this is something that i care deeply about, but i know a lot of veterans still feel invisible, powerless like their country has forgotten them. that is just totally wrong. it's unacceptable and we have to work together to make sure we end that. now, we can disagree about the details. i'm sure we will from time to time. you see, i actually believe as
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someone who has been in public life and public service, it's better if we have honest, candid conversations, that's the best way in a democracy for us to come up with the best solutions but we should be guided by our values. we can all agree that our troops deserve serious, strategic leadership. we can all agree, we have to be serious and committed in addressing the complex challenges we face here at home and around the world. beneath whatever disagreements we might have as a country about how to get where we need to go, surely we can start listening to one another again, respecting one another, our individual experiences that bring so much to the debate. my father made sure i understood
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that the freedoms and rights we enjoy as americans didn't come out of thin air. people sacrificed for them, fought, bled and died for them. people like you and the generations of soldiers, sailers, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen who have made our country strong, proud and free. all of you, every one who has served deserve our thanks and more importantly our respect. and you deserve a country and a president and commander in chief who honor your service, not just with words but with deeds. that's what the vfw has stood for, to make sure america lived
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up to that standard. and as president, i will be working along side you as i did as senator to make sure that we produced results. i know this is the first time that one of our two major parties has ever nominated a woman and i know -- [applause] >> that it takes a little getting used to even for me but here is what i want you to know, i will get up every single day in the white house doing everything i possibly can to protect our country, to treat our men and women in uniform with the care and concern and respect they deserve, to make
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good on our nation's promises to our veterans. that's how i was raised, that's what i have done and i promise you that's what i will do. thank you, vfw. god bless you and god bless the united states of america. thank you all very much. [cheers and applause] [laughter] [inaudible conversations] [music]
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♪ ♪ >> watch c-span for day two of the democratic national convention. with today's convention theme a lifetime of fighting for children and families. tonight's keynote speakers former president bill clinton. he will speak in the 10 p.m. hour. lodge program going on now on c-span and the convention speaking program beginning at four.
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watch on c-span can listen on the c-span reader app and get video on demand at next a preview of former president clinton's speech tonight and the role he has been playing in his wife's campaign. >> host: pulitzer prize-winning clinton biographer david bareness joins us by phone. "first in his class' is the name of his pulitzer prize-winning book.ect from mr. mr. bareness, what you expect mr. clinton might? >> caller: good morning, c-span. no matter what he says is going to be a speech unlike any other ever given. you have husbands the on behalf of the wise you former presidents speaking on behalf of potential future presidents but never before a former president wants to be a first man speaking about a first lady who wants to be president. what you're going to see from bill clinton tonight is in a
3:04 pm
sense a payback of a promissory note that he said for a long time, trying to explain as only he can this woman that is better than anybody in the world. >> host: you here in philadelphia. what are you covering while you're here for the post? >> caller: i'm doing a lot of different things because i've written biographies of both bill clinton and barack obama. be writing about their speeches. bill clinton's tonight and president obama's tomorrowi night. am also roaming around the body column during the days when i was in cleveland for the republican convention. and doing that as well.n yesterday i wrote a piece about just sort of the phenomenon in history of e-mails and how they affect the politics. i'm just trying to take in the whole thing. >> host: is the democratic party of 2016 similar to the20 democratic party of 1992?
3:05 pm
>> caller: not at all. i think that if bill clinton had run issue with the policies and programs and actions of bill clinton in 1991-92 he would not have had a chance. but, of course, bill clinton is a changeable character and if you drop the old clinton into debate he would change to thehe times. but think about what was going on within. for a democratic candidate for president, as clinton was then, to return home to arkansas and oversee the execution of a mentally challenged human being would be a disqualifier today. and in so many ways the third way, as it was called, the of triangulation of and this sort of conservative nature of the clinton campaign in 92 would not
3:06 pm
play out in the democratic party of today. >> host: as politicians, our bill and hillary clinton similar, different? >> caller: they've had thisour l remarkable relationship for more than 40 years. they are quite different. they put on one strengths or of the other. bill clinton is a natural politician. adaptable to any situation. hillary is the harder worker. and so i think that they are quite different but they a sword used each other mostly for the better, sometimes for the worse over these many decades. >> host: and finally, having been in cleveland and now in philadelphia, what's the mood of the folks you're talking to, the delegates especially?
3:07 pm
>> caller: is always a lot of chaos in contention in the democratic party. the notion forever one is to embrace it in some fashion but there are bernie supporters who are still quite hostile. it's a minority, but it allowed one. and i think that it was fascinating to watch yesterday where you started with, the party was throwing everybody up there if they could to try to quiet the bernie crowd and they couldn't do it until michelle took the stage. and when the first lady started talking you could see somewhat of a transformation from her to elizabeth ward and finally to bernie himself. you would never want a democratic convention to be docile, and this would certainlo hasn't been but i think that day by day you'll see a change. >> host: david m m m m m "first in his class', "washington post." you can follow this column there as well.
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>> you a different procedure be met of the democratic national convention on watch live streams without commentary or commercials. end user video clipping tool to create your own clips for your favorite convention moment and share them on social media. also read twitter feeds. our special convention pages have everything you need to get the most at c-span gavel to gavel coverage. go to national convention for updated schedule information to see what's happening to each convention session. every speech will be available on demand for viewing when you want on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. our special convention pages at all are a public service of your cable or satellite provider. if you're a c-span watcher, check it out on the web at >> senator amy klobuchar art and representative keith ellison both for minnesota as well as
3:09 pm
emily's list president were among the speakers at today's florida delegation breakfast on day number two of the 2016 democratic national convention in philadelphia. >> rabbi, would you like to come up and say a prayer? spent i think you all pray better if you stand up. that way it will also facilitate hugging and kissing each other in the end, which a a lot of people's favorite part. the ruler of the universe, we thank you for your gift of memory. standing in your judgment we confess our nation's worst original sin, toward native americans and african-americans your we were called the struggle
3:10 pm
of immigration of immigrants come at every racial and religious heritage, from every national origin speaking every foreign accent, our immigrant ancestors arrived as the wretched refuse of your sure. however, long ago and by whatever means, we arrived. we were all in your name to breathe free together. recalling that my own immigrant great-grandfather was a jewish migrant farm worker, i pray that we for every member that we all came from the bottom of society. let us never forget that discrimination and prejudice we often encountered on the part of those who immigrated before us. stiffened response to resist bigotry and racism come sexism and homophobia anti-semitism and
3:11 pm
islamophobia, and other religious prejudices. regardless of the perpetrator, regardless of the victim. help us to remember that evil inflicted upon one is evil inflicted upon all. teach us that in the face of bigotry the greatest sin is a difference. enable us to make our memories of past poverty and discrimination and suffering the foundation of a common resolve to build a better america in which all of us have each other's backs. they our morale the flow from her concern for the weakest and poorest among us your teachers to project a shared vision of the american future base and that ethic in which all of us assist each other as we rise together. bless hillary clinton and tim kaine with the inspiration to
3:12 pm
enlist us in shaping their future. and noblest with uplifting enthusiasm for the american future which blesses all with the fruits of our joint labor. and intertwined us in networks of affection which without ever forgetting our paths, always focused steadfastly on the future we fashion together. amen. please hug, kiss or embrace your neighbor. it's not a fashion statement. >> did i miss you? i did.
3:13 pm
>> okay, everybody. love to love in this room. leaders in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands: one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you. [applause] >> good morning, florida. it is so wonderful to be with all of you. i want to tell you all that i, for some of our friends who are new to the florida democratic party hear from either the bernie volunteer force and hillary volunteer force, which
3:14 pm
all of you we are one family. i am thankful -- [applause] -- for each and everyone of you. i love the energy and passion and the ideas come and the ideals, and the enthusiasm that you have brought to the party. bernie sanders did an amazing job last night, and i'm so thankful -- [applause] -- for his voice in our country or for those of you who don't know me, i came to the party from outside the party. i came from being an ardent supporter of the president obama. i raised money for president obama, and when i was asked to take a look at what he for chair i really was an outsider, it's any of my friends in this room have become so dear to me, didn't know me. you took a chance on me and i am
3:15 pm
going to extend a hand of friendship and partnership to every single bernie person in this room. i want to involvement in this party. you have made a stronger. you have made us better. and i believe together we will embrace one another. we will lock arms and we will win in november. because you and i know that the gop, donald trump has no part for the things we care about. i'm the mother of a severely disabled child, or now he is not a child. he reminds me everyday he is 18. and he is, i think people look at my boy and in the blink of an eye, completely dismiss him. i've seen that with my african-american brothers and sisters.
3:16 pm
i've heard and seen what trump says about our hispanic family members. we know what he says about our muslim family members. we know that if we don't come together, bernie friends, brothers and sisters and hillary friends, brothers and sisters, we would not be successful without want another. we are all one family. [applause] at no time as during the republican convention did they talk about the shootings in orlando where our gay brothers and sisters were the target of hate. they even had become a president addressed the national convention. cussler putting a big bumper sticker, owned by the nra. i said yesterday. i believe we are in the throes of a public health epidemic
3:17 pm
where it comes to guns. you can talk about mental health all day long. we've got to address the access to guns in our communities and across our state's. [applause] there's so much what all the to do everything to together. i believe in the best of every single person in this room. i believe in your hearts. i believe in your energy and enthusiasm. i believe that we together will be able to join hands and be able to lead florida forward. you know there is no path to the white house without florida. you know everybody's eyes are on florida. and you know that florida is going to once again carry the day. we have to. we have to because it is on us. every single human being in this room, if you care about your neighbor to the right of you, your neighbor to the left of you, the neighbor to the back of
3:18 pm
you, you must do every single thing you can to help kerry this forward. and i know that you're going to do that. i know. i have confidence. i have belief. i have faith that together we are one family and we will make this happen. and i'm so grateful to all of you. if it's been an honor for me to have a distinct privilege of working with you all as chair of this party. [applause] >> when i embarked on this for years ago i never would've imagined how wide my universe would open to have the gift of your presence in my life. you are walking the walk, and you've come out of the comfort of your own lives. because, which would've been the easy thing to do, because of your heart and because you care
3:19 pm
to you're spending a lot of money to be with us here today. you could be home watching it on television. you could be in the ease of your own living room but you were here and that's what makes you special. so it is again my distinct honor and my deepest pleasure to be with all of you today. so thank you for giving me the gift of being your chair. thank you. [applause] >> scott is going to talk a little bit about the floor today. >> good morning. that we should touchy-feely part. now you get my part. one thing about the breakfast this morning and i want to remind everybody we've got a lot of guests coming in. i like to show them a lot of respect, people like speaker pelosi, keith ellison, they are all coming from other practices and other delegation to so they will be coming in and out. we may be having to kill a little time like i'm doing right
3:20 pm
now, as they give you. unlike yesterday i would like, if everybody could stay to hear these folks are coming here from like al franken will be here later on. bill nelson will be later on. i would love for bill to see all the. i would like it if everybody could state today as a favor. let's talk about the floor real quick. so last night as i warned you yesterday, you're going to be on television. we were on television a lot. so here's a reminder, you are on television. so what you were doing would get broadcast to millions of people. that may be okay for you but i just want you to remember that when you were on the floor. so the section to the far states left, when you're flipping, the far right, that's our florida. so we all there.
3:21 pm
we need you to fill in those middle seats because they've only given us enough chairs for actual floor passes. if you don't hav have seats in e middle of that nature of the delegates who don't have a place to sit. so fill up all the seats. to this section to the left, we are sharing and that with nebraska and new york. so those five or six rows in the front, that's new york. either yesterday you were like, new york is not here so i'm going to sit here. but in new york shows up and that i have the issue with my new york friends. and they make you move. so the first six rows are new york and the back of as this nebraska. i found nebraska to be very easy to deal with. they are just happy to be here. so with the podium this is nebraska, that's their marker line. so don't sit right behind their podium. that's all there delegation from
3:22 pm
otherwise that's all of. i'm also supposed to be counting you. so when you see me walking down those roads and look at you, i'm not checking and make sure you're not misbehaving. i'm actually count the number of people on each row. so that we know all hoosiers so we can cast the right number of votes. so that's what was going on last night. and that's is going to happen tonight. and that's going to be doing all of states, which is why we doing that tally. that's kind of a big deal. that's also big deal that got the couch you, we have the right number for when we do the roll call. i think we'll get back to our speaking program. our first speaker, i'm excited about it personally, it's not often you get to introduce your friends who become famous and on television, but stephanie
3:23 pm
schriock is a famous person. we met 14 years ago? [inaudible] that's right. i'm not supposed to say that. long time ago when she was working at the dscc. we working to reelect senator mary landrieu. that's a long she's been fighting for the causes that are important for all of you. she went on from there to be the finest director for a little known governor from vermont named howard dean. where at the time they broke records for fundraising and set the model that is today accepted as a way to run presidential campaigns. [applause] she then went on to manage the united states senate race to elect jon tester to the united states senate to choose a proud member of the montana mafia. she would ought to be his chief of staff and then went on to
3:24 pm
manage al franken's race to the united states congress and bring him to the city. after that she went over to emily's list and sends them has been electing women to congress from all over the country. [applause] we are lucky to have her on the blue team and i'm even luckier to call her my friend, stephanie schriock. [applause] spirit that was awesome. thank you. it's so great to be here. good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you, scott, for bringing up our history. and say the stent we spent in louisiana, what he left out is where locked up in the back of the old office with no windows for six weeks. and we survived. that was pretty amazing. it was amazing. i'm just thrilled to be here today as i was thinking about
3:25 pm
the many campaigns i've been involved with in florida. i was brought back to another race that is involved with what is which of the democratic senatorial campaign committee. you will find out i grew up in montana but i didn't just work for jon tester. i grew up in montana. so when they dscc hired me, a few years ago now, but hardly to be the southern region finance director because why should an montana girl be the southern region finance director? it was an incredibly spirit and as you note in florida when you're the finest director of the committee, you go to florida to raise money. i know you know this. and so when i was doing that come your incredible senator bill nelson was running for senate the first time. [applause] and i'm honored to have been part of that incredible campaign in 2000 to elect bill wilson. then they moved on and as you
3:26 pm
heard, got a lot of other races but i think back not to remind you of that 2000 election too much in florida. i don't want to do that, but i do want to say that when i was chosen to manage al franken senate race in minnesota, i don't know if remember that senate race in 2008. it was a little bit close contacts i want to thank you for teaching me how to run a recount. i really do. i learned a lot and it was a lot of good folks from florida who came up to minnesota to help us out. so you should take some credit for al franken as well. so thank you. thank you for that. [applause] all this work in democratic politics it probably sounds like a group involved in a democratic family and democratic politics. but the truth was growing up in butte, montana, i had two good midwestern parents and my mom
3:27 pm
and i being democrats decided it was best not to talk politics in her house because my father come the vietnam veteran, thank goodness he is here, a gun owner, a horseman, a hunter, so clearly a republican, and so like good midwesterners we didn't talk politics at the dinner table. no reason to up said that while we are eating dinner. this is what we did in telling what do college judgment until i went to college and mankato state in minnesota. i was dating a republican at the time. it did not work out. it did not work out. and his republican goes up to my father and he says how do you put up with this liberal daughter of yours? my father says i wouldn't want any other way. i said dad, that's so nice, being a republican at all. he looks at me. what are you talking about, stephanie?
3:28 pm
i've been a democrat my entire life. it's your mother that's the republican. [laughter] so we have this amazing democratic coming out party and he we are today. it is really funny. in hindsight it's ridiculous because we should all know if we were democrats. that values that my parents raised me on our democratic values. that is who we are. [applause] and i think about those values as we go into this convention. we go into this election. and everyday of our lives that we live out as democrats, but the quality and fairness and justice, of community. community can use one of the most important things that brings us together. i knew one thing growing up.
3:29 pm
our neighbors ever had a problem, ever, my folks would be the first one over there, probably with a casserole in hand. because that's what we did and we did it because that's what you're supposed to do. but we also did a treasure never knew when you might be that person that might need a shoulder or some help or a casserole. that's what brings us together and holds us together as a community and as a nation. and those are our values as democrats. i am so honored to be working with emily's list as we work to expand the number of women's voices in congress, and our legislature come in our communities across the country. and yes, it probably goes without saying we are a little bit excited about the prospect of electing a woman president this election year as well. [applause]
3:30 pm
so emily's list has been working for 31 years to change these dynamics across the country. in fact, we do a lot of work in florida and could not be proud of it. you should know, florida democrats, that 10% of the democratic women in the house of representatives are from florida, from florida. six great democratic women. we've helped elect. we have all intentions of open is hoping to add to the numbers this election. you have a few primaries. you could move your primary date up a little bit that would be really helpful for us. but we are thrilled to be partnering with so many incredible women. in fact, we have endorsed at emily's list for women for congress in florida. you should be even prouder because they those women are women of color. it is not just about women but it is about diversity of voices that make this party we are
3:31 pm
today. as i think you get about all the work we are doing and those values, not to those values that hold us together, i also think about the perspective that all of our candidates bring to the table. often as i travel around the country i talk about how i've gotten to know hillary clinton along the way, and one of the things i think about is where hillary started in her career. i'm the kid who grew up as a young woman in a country that i was told i could do anything i wanted and i felt like i could. for the most part with a few exceptions here and there i've been able to do that. but hillary clinton went to college, where you could still wear slacks in school, women. admin could wear slacks, you should know that. went to law school when there were not that many women going to law school. when she left that law school,
3:32 pm
she could have gone on and on ge corporate. she didn't do that. she went to the children's defense fund. one of my favorite stories of the children's defense fund was actually hillary going up to new bedford, massachusetts, and she went up there to figure out why the work, get this, more school age children in new bedford and children enrolled in school. that's sort of weird. she went to go find out where these kids were. what she found out going to living room to living room was that there were children in new bedford that were in wheelchairs or go blind and could not get on the school bus. even if they could, though schools were not prepared to handle our children with disabilities. not been. so she went back to the children's defense fund and together with activists across this country, changed the laws
3:33 pm
through congress to make sure that our public schools today to educate our children with disabilities all across this country. [applause] see, that might sound like a little thing to some folks but it's everything to a child in a wheelchair who couldn't get to school 40 years ago but can't today. that is who we are as a community. and that, my friends, is what we are up against and what we could lose in this election. let us not forget the insults, the attack comes the anger that we heard from the republican national convention last week. it was embarrassing. as an american to have a political party say the things they said. but we've got to understand,
3:34 pm
this is serious. they are tapping into some great anger in this country, and we've got to be careful. because if we lose about, they are just not going to build a wall on our southern border. they are going to continue building walls in our communities and separating us from each other and breaking us apart. we cannot allow that to happen. we cannot do that. i know when we work together and we fight for the very top of the ticket all the way down, and that means the florida legislature come we are going to get the florida senate back this year, democrats. we are going to do it. because we've got to lay the groundwork to make sure we've got a democratic governor in florida in 2018. [applause] it is time and we will be there every step of the way.
3:35 pm
emily's list will be right with you because we know that florida, sorry guys, you are a battleground state. we are all coming down. we've got to win in florida. i know we can't because i've seen the work of the florida democratic party under your incredible leadership and your leadership across this state. we can get this done. so know that we are in this together, and i do believe that we, not only are going to stop terrible thing some happening if we had a president donald trump, and a republican congress. actually florida you know exactly what happens when you have a republican governor and republican legislature, don't you? that's what would happen in washington, d.c. we are going to change it, change it across the board. so join us. let's make this happen and let's make sure democrats win this november. thank you.
3:36 pm
thank you so very much. thank you. [applause] >> i want to say thank you to her for telling the story of disabled children. as you know my son, i to fight to get them -- just to the 25 years ago, seven years for new cisco, henry clay was working to make my child's life better so thank you. next we'll hear from the chair of the progressive caucus, mr. kief ellison. come on up here. [applause] >> the rockstar himself. thanks so much for being here. spent florida, how are you guys doing? it's good to see everybody pumped up. we've got a great morning. how about last night, that was awesome. i walked out of there feeling really good. we've got the best float is all
3:37 pm
over. i'm going to to come i think her whole speech was like really her whole speech, you know? i think she actually did not herself your i'm excited about this election season. last night really did a lot for me personally because what we talked about so much is our platform. what do we all shared? what is it that we feel unites us can feel unites us, joins us can bind us together? get our ideas. we are united around what we believe in. and it really is just like bernie sanders said last night, the most progressive platform in the history of the democratic party. it is something to truly, truly embrace. i think americans don't make enough money at it but at the democratic platform that we need a $15 minimum wage, i think is a very good thing.
3:38 pm
ask anybody trying to make it. ask anybody trying to get by day-to-day. i love the idea that we put in there to expand social security. social security is a big deal. social security is the most important democratic program to the most important program in our nation's history. and i'm telling you it's not just a seniors program. it is a program for people on disability and it is a program for people whose parents have passed away and are trying to make on survivor benefit. this is a huge thing. when you start looking at all the folks who are not making enough money, not being able to save enough money and then the wall street screwed up our money in a 401(k), that social security might be the one thing keeping the family afloat. so for us to say we've got to expand it, that's real good. i want to tell you. but not only that, we've got a lot of problems with criminal
3:39 pm
justice in our country. the democratic party as a sitting back saying that's not our issue. we are embracing it. i'm so proud. we said we're not going to do the death penalty in the united states no more. the democratic party said this is not the way to go. too many innocent people on death row. we can't get this thing right. if they really did something so that can let's lock them up. killing them, you cannot reverse the. i think is key we did that. closing private prisons. [applause] closing private prisons. if you take somebody's liberty a way, it should not be for the money, right quick they should not be for the money. it out to be the last thing we want to do and i'm telling you right now the democratic party is standing for the right thing. i just want to say this. a lot has been made of donald trump's hatred. we talk about trump hatred all the time.
3:40 pm
some of you might want to remember that he wasn't the only one pumping out hate out there. he was not the only one talking hate. i remember a guy named marco rubio talking about of hate. i have not forgot the hate of marco rubio talking about serious, kick them out of our country and they can't commit and their bad and we don't want them. this guy marco rubio come he's not different from trump. he's just not as slick. he should not get credit just because he's not as slick a salesman as trump. he is of the same kind of guy. so in florida, i'm going to tell you all this, i'm going to leave my home in minnesota and the going to come on down to florida. [applause] and going to throw my shoulder in the we'll and we're going to give it cannot only will we be trump come we're going to get rid of group you.
3:41 pm
did he say he was leaving anyway? wait a minute. is this not the guy who said i'm not running again. but you know what? i do know what you want to run again. he said he didn't like the job. he didn't show up for a very much. i'm telling you right now, he must go. a whole lot of them got to go. [applause] and i like hearing people say we've got to take back the florida state legislature to this is a good idea. this is a very good idea. did you guys know that since 2008 we've lost over 900 state legislators across the country? when hillary clinton said 50 state strategy, that's a good idea. when bernie sanders said we've got to run for city council, school board, state legislature, that's a good idea. notice the two of them talking about digging into the grassroots?
3:42 pm
this is where it started we spent a lot of time talking about the presidency, and we should. we spent a lot of time talking about congress, and wished. that we don't spend nearly enough time talking about local elections. i'm telling you right now, if you are worried about your child going out and coming home safe, it may depend on who the sheriff is, right? it may depend on who the sheriff is there if you want good community relations, good relations, the police listen to the people, the people respecting the police and the relationship is good, it is because you have a local mayor and elected officials who says that they believe in good dialogue and improving relations. none of this stuff, we don't want to hear it. let me just say this to you guys. i am a firm believer, a firm believer, that the democratic
3:43 pm
party is on the rise. [applause] and all of us, all of us, our hearts are beating right back keep with you in 2000. i don't want to bring back bad memories i do want to tell you this. sometimes it's a good idea to motivate yourself because sometimes we can look at where we were and then look at where we are going and that will make you hopeful and optimistic right there. do you know what i mean? if we can turn this around, if we can show them that florida is blue, blue all the way from top to bottom, if we coul turn out e vote in florida, take back the state legislature, if we can get rid of marco rubio in florida, then we can do anything. we will do anything but we've got to be together to win. you all know that, right? a house divided cannot stand. that's what i'm so proud of both of our democratic candidates,
3:44 pm
not so proud to be supporting hillary clinton right now. even though i was and remain a very strong supporter of my man senator bernie sanders. because he did so much for this party. he introduced us, integrated as. he pumped us up. but now is the time to come together, right? tease out, everybody. [applause] >> was that awesome or what? thank you. thank you, congressman. now we have the distinct pleasure of welcoming back to florida a woman who electrified our convention back in october. amy klobuchar. no, senator. -- come up here, senator. >> minnesota is in the house. how about steve allison? e. as my congressman and i am --
3:45 pm
he is, and i'm so proud of everything he has done. i am here today to first say what a night that was last night. bernie sanders, incredible speech. he and i are college. i was so proud of him. cory booker, you look at elizabeth warren what she said. my colleague al franken. no, on your. [applause] you guys wanted to be one funny story about him since he's not here? i am officially the senior center which means i am responsible for everything that he does, right? and when he first got elected, senator schumer and turbine to be rupert they said it's not going to be as easy as you think as having a celebrity as the other centered. what did you mean? turbine says i got barack obama. it wasn't that easy for me. schumer said i had hillary clinton as my other senator. they said you know what happens?
3:46 pm
are watching with and out of the airport and someone says hey, you're like hi. would you take my picture without? that's what happens in all the time to i can deal with the one day we got on a flight that was down from washington, d.c. to minnesota. we get o on the flight, out and meet with the whole plane is full of minnesota's and the flight attendant is not from our state. she gets on the thing, doesn't know me, gets on there and says everyone, we have celebrities on the plane. everyone cheers. mr. and mrs. al franken. [laughter] i'm like, really? so how then looks at her and says no, no. no, no. she is the other senator from minnesota. she says, how cool is that, everyone? husband and wife senators. true story. that happened to me. okay.
3:47 pm
so outspoken last night but the speech civil code and in history that you will be able to say to your kids and your grandkids and everyone else that you saw was michelle obama's speech last night. [applause] what kind of voice to jihad could she she comes upon the stage. he talks about her life's journey. she talks about the president and what a been through the last eight years, and they she puts out the image of her kids playing with the dog in the front lawn, knowing that they live in a house that was built by slaves. and that was not just an african-american story. that was not just a civil rights story although it was. that was a story for every mom and dad in the united states of america, about where we came from and what we have ahead. she was reminding us about what this country is all about.
3:48 pm
and then and some that i don't think any of us expected, she did the most masterful takedown of donald trump without even mentioning his name. [applause] how can you do this, when she talked about how we just come you don't want to have someone in the white house with her finger on the nuclear code with thin-skinned who reacts quickly. she talked about judgment and she has seen it firsthand for eight years. she talked about the fact that the person in the white house is a model for your children. she said, and for someone like me who try to be civil, work across the aisle, my favorite part the public don't also remember, when she said no matter how low they go, we go higher. [applause] it is not a higher purpose. and you contrast that with what does t but i promise i would kep my speech 70 minutes shorter than donald trump, okay?
3:49 pm
you contrast that, i sent out a tweet the next day that the first republican president abraham lincoln appealed to our better angels in his famous speech, less with donald trump davis 76 minute rebuttal, right? you compare that to michelle obama who truly appeal to our better angels, the angel that she is. that's the contrast that we've seen so far after just one day at this convention. for all of us, together, unity, unity. this isn't just about unity within our party. we are the democratic party. we have our differences. this is about unity for our country. you look at the difference between our party whether some is a bernie sanders support or hillary. you look at them. florida cares about climate change. you care about doing something about in private. you've got a guy on the other side and he's got the water coming up on your shores and you've got a guy on the other side who says climate change was
3:50 pm
a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. he didn't just say in a long memo. he said in 140 characters in a tweet because that's how he issues all of his major decisions as michelle pointed out last night. we have a party who cares about education and free college and doing something sort kids come with themselves. what's on the other side was the guy who started trump university. we've got a party decades of helping the most mobile as you become present in a famous speech in philadelphia in 1948 of helping those who most needed that our party. what's on the other side? donald trump who says he wants to bet on the housing crisis. the different could not be more stark. and then we have one more thing we're florida as usual is that -- is at the center of the nation's attention and that is taking back the united states senate. taking back the united states senate. [applause]
3:51 pm
we have a situation where the republican party a david justice scalia died, the date the announcement we are not having hearings. really? because it's 1916. we have had a hearing for every single supreme court justice except for 10 that were confirmed within 10 days. that is what we have to by saying we would not have hearings they are literally dissing our cost of tuition and our history. and florida, you're the one that will put a stop to it. do you know what this matters? what those are one vote matters? let me tell you this, this florida senate race. this is past history. five vote. it was only five vote and it took to push forward lgbt legislation to protect our lgbt brothers and sisters from discrimination. we did that with five votes in the united states senate. and it took only four votes, just buy a four vote margin the we are able to place him on the national labor relations board
3:52 pm
to protect labor and the rights of workers, four votes. it was three votes to pass what? hurricane emergency relief. you care about that in florida. three votes we were able to pull that off. by two votes were able, published we think about what happened in orlando? by only two votes did we put on a surgeon general in united states that had the audacity to say that gun violence is a public health issue. that was to vote. and by only one vote will be able to pass the landmark legislation of barack obama, the affordable care act. that was one vote. [applause] so when you go back as ambassadors to your states for this hillary clinton campaign, for the democratic party and for changing the seat to democratic of you have your story, it just
3:53 pm
takes five votes. so let me end with something as a matter of the judiciary committee near and dear to my heart, immigration reform. and getting something done for our country, getting something done working with our refugees. what we have seen in the past few months in the republican side, the rhetoric, what we've seen has resulted in discrimination, has resulted in language that we have never directed at people within our own state. i have the biggest somali population in the country, 100,000 people. we lived up to 9/11 to i the prosecutor then. the bush appointed u.s. attorney and i went around to the mosques and told people at your victim of hate crime you report it. we didn't have a lot go wrong and our state after that. just a few months ago i heard the story of a family, and his family, the parents had gone through 9/11. fine, nothing went wrong and that they are now.
3:54 pm
they are at a restaurant in the twin cities with their two little kids, and a guy walks by them come muzzle down and says, you for go home. you go to where you came from. and the logo looks up at her mom and she says, bomb, i don't want to go home. you said we could eat dinner out tonight. i don't want to eat dinner at home. you think of the innocent words of that child. she didn't even know what he was talking about because she only knows one home. and at home is in my state and at home is in your state, and at home is in the united states of america. so as michelle obama asked you to do last night, florida democrats, you stand up for that little girl. you stand up for this country. you stand up against the hateful rhetoric and the finger-pointing. and that is how we will win this
3:55 pm
election, and you will win that senate seat. and florida, thank you, florida democrats. [applause] >> we are very excited to welcome to the podium one of our wonderful, 10% of the congressional delegation, a woman, and part of my committed to either been for a couple of years, congresswoman kathy castor. she is from a family we've known and loved in florida for a very long time. thank you. she serves on the budget committee and she is a rock star from tampa. thank you so much for being with us. come on up. spent good morning, florida democrats. i'm congresswoman kathy castor.
3:56 pm
from tampa bay. where are my tampa st. pete people? love. good morning. wow. florida democrats coming together. i love. allison, thank you so much to everyone in florida, the florida democratic party, all of the hard-working people that helped make this possible for us, and that all of our wonderful florida delegates and their families and alternates. thank you so much for what you do back home to make sure that every one of our neighbors has an opportunity to succeed. we are the party of the people. and it's going to take people power this november to elect democrats up and down the slate from hillary clinton and tim kaine to a new u.s. senator all the way down to those important local races. but let me tell you, last night it was a privilege to watch first lady michelle obama with
3:57 pm
all of you. i looked around at the florida delegates on the floor and we couldn't be more diverse and energized. we are black, we are white, we are hispanic, we are every color of the rainbow, and then you throw the rainbow in on top of that. i was thinking about what is it that bring so many different kinds of people, whether you're from miami or from the panhandle or from tampa, these coast, what is it that brings us together? obviously it is our shared values. we believe that this is the part of opportunity and issue has been in my life. i was born in miami at a time when my father started legal aid and my mother started as a teacher. and worked to become a university president and a candidate for u.s. senate in 2004 the only in america can someone achieve those kinds of accomplishment.
3:58 pm
all that my parents wanted really was for my sister karen, my brother frank and i to attend college. and basic every penny and with pell grants and student loans and work study, we've all become the people that we wanted to become. isn't that the american dream? isn't that what we are all here for, to make sure that every single one of our neighbors has the same opportunity to attend college and become successful? i think so. so here's our challenge -- [applause] our challenge is that bernie sanders, senator sanders has come into the room. welcome. welcome, senator bernie sanders the what a fabulous at his speech last night endorsing hillary clinton for president [chanting]
3:59 pm
>> welcome. >> sorry for the interruption. good morning, florida. [cheers and applause] >> well, thank you very much for allowing me to barge in with my wife and my son. she keeps giving a bigger response that i do. let me thank, we did not do particularly well in florida, but i want to thank all of you who were there with us. thank you very much. ..
4:00 pm
it's the minimum wage, it's not that he doesn't believe in minimum wage, it's not that he wants to give hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the very rich, that's what republicans believe . this man has a unique feature that not all republicans have by any means and that is he is a demagogue, a bully and somebody who does not believe in the constitution of the united states. and i want you all to think about what it means for the future of this country if we
4:01 pm
were to elect somebody like donald trump as president. it would be a very sad, divisive and dismal future for our country. our job in a difficult moment is to bring people together, not divide us. [applause] our job is to prove that climate change is real and to transform our energy systems and not say that climate change is a hoax. our job is to expand social security. our job is to move this nation toward health care for all as a right. our job is to join the rest
4:02 pm
of the world in passing legislation for paid medical and family leave. our job is to deal with the immorality of the level of income and wealth inequality that exists in america today, that's what we've got to do. in my view, given the ideology of the republican party which is an ideology that works for the rich and powerful against the middle-class and working families, the truth is that republicans do not win elections, democrats lose elections. we lose elections when people give up on the political process and do not vote. we lost in 2014


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